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Group Rules for Changing Tides Weight Loss Forum

  • 1. Be Supportive and Respectful
  • We're here to foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Let's treat each other with kindness and respect, understanding that we're all on our own unique weight loss journey.
  • 2. No Promotions or Irrelevant Content
  • Contribute more than you promote. Avoid spam, self-promotion, and unrelated links. All posts should be relevant to the group's focus on weight loss and wellness.
  • 3. Respect Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Trust is essential in our community. While open discussions are encouraged, remember to maintain privacy and confidentiality. There should be no expectation of privacy, so refrain from posting anything you wish to keep private. What's shared within the group should stay within the group, including any personal information or experiences.
  • 4. Zero Tolerance for Bullying, Hate Speech, or Derogatory Comments
  • Everyone deserves to feel safe and valued. Any form of bullying, hate speech, or derogatory comments, including those related to weight, will not be tolerated.
  • 5. No Sales of Medications or Pharmacy Products
  • Please refrain from posting any sales or promotions related to medications or pharmacy products.
  • 6. Avoid Affiliate Links or Self-Promotion
  • Respect the integrity of the group by refraining from sharing affiliate links or promoting personal businesses. This ensures that discussions remain focused on supporting each other's weight loss journeys.
  • 7. Keep Content Relevant to Weight Loss
  • All content shared within the group should relate directly to topics related to weight loss, healthy living, fitness, nutrition, overall wellness, and enjoying life.
  • 8. Not Medical Advice
  • Remember, nothing shared within this group constitutes medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized medical advice and guidance. The information shared here is for educational purposes only.

By following these guidelines, we can create a supportive and uplifting community dedicated to achieving our weight loss goals together.


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